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It’s a Hungarian word that has a multiple meaning, one of those is “open eye dream”. 
What does it take to dream? People.
What does it takes to people to make their dream become reality? That’s such a more complicated answer.
Curiosity, perseverance, commitment, resilience, compliance, divergency, teamwork, diversity… we could list an infinite amount of words and yet the answer would not be exhausted. Why? Because more important than words it’s the meaning that those words convey, and beyond every meaning there’s a sharing. People are made to share, that is particularly true in our technological era. 
Our team foundations started from a dream: make people’s life better, not just for our contemporaries but for next generations that will walk this planet as well.
If you’re not working to make someone else life better, then you are probably wasting your time. And we don’t want to waste anyone’s.
At Gmotz we are firmly convinced that people insights are the solutions to people’s problems and dreams are the answers to their fears. Dream big, but start small; that’s what we have done.
Our CEO Giacomo Carcangiu started with this credo, applying it to a first project in 1998. With an idea, a small but well rooted whisper that with the passing of the years grown bigger and stronger.
He had a dream. One of those that wakes you up in the middle of your sleep, not because of fear but because of inspiration, an inspiration that could change the face of our sustainability and the health of our planet.
Dream big, right?
In 1998 Carcangiu and his partners began a journey that today is still a flourishing path, some could say that it’s a roaming, but remember that not everyone who is roaming is necessarily lost.
In his mind, and now in ours, every step that we walk has a specific aim in the direction of our mission, to leave a better world than the one we found.
In 1998 the first patent among photovoltaic cells was deposited; that was the first step into a longer path of innovations. Some years later that team re-inspire by their previous innovation create an optimized LED light, that today bright the horizon of sports arenas and big industrial complexes. Applying different principles to their innovation, the team developed in the more recent years an electric bike motor that joint together comfort and efficiency. In the recent past a partnership with Zagato Atelier was signed and the idea of an innovative hybrid electric intelligent powertrain was on the road and a new generation of dream cars are on their way.
Today we are working on that powertrain to accomplish our up mentioned goal, aware that today’s reality has been possible and it’s real today because of yesterday team’s sacrifices and dreams, partnerships and respect into each other.
Today’s team would not be real without those.
Tomorrow we expect to give our contribution, with all the previous innovations, to earth fertility and productivity reclaiming desert areas to cultivations purposes, thus improving the life of billions of people.
Törekvésis just a word, but for us it became much more than that.
We hope that our mission inspires you as much as it keeps inspiring us.

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We are a team of experts with a variety of expertise in sustainable electrification applications. Based on our decades of experience, we deliver you sharp insights and help you to achieve your goals.

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