The future of transportation is just one step away

Vision GT

Iso Rivolta Vision GT designed by atelier Zagato

Innovative Propulsion

First car to feature this innovative hybrid electric intelligent powertrain

Limited Edition

Build and sold in a maximum 10 unit limited run

Net Cash Flow

Generating first net-positive cashflow

Innovative propulsion

of the hybrid electric intelligent powertrain

Energy production

Power generator only produces electricity while the transmission is full electric


No need for external charging


Lowest environmental impact ever: noise and pollution

Big data

Connectivity - Data & Analytics - Range of application

scale ready technology

Tailorable to any mean of transportation

Conception of the innovative power generator



Thermal efficiency running at optimum speed


1 MW

Maximum energy output


150 Kg

for the most powerful unit



Best possible power/weight ratio



Running on petrol, gas, methane, LPG and biofuel

Competitive edge of electric motors

70% lighter

Equal power compared to existing motors

direct drive

No wasted power in friction, reduced noise and better endurance

energy recovery

Up to 90% of the braking energy

variable phasing

Fully operating at optimum speed

greater safety

Continuously adapting to driving conditions

Connected by an integrated intelligent system


Energy data elaborated by a central hub managing the incoming and outgoing energy flows while data are provided by peripheral CPU’s

No energy waste

Energy on demand, on-board production

Smart grid

Optimal electricity peaks and remote CPUs response management


Exclusive incoming and outgoing energy flow management

We want to electrify the whole transport world


Match and exceed the emission limits set by the EU for 2030 (59.375g Co2/km)


Obtain a common and compact passenger car


Remove all conventional mechanical components


Refit it with our proportionally tailored new system


Subject it to rigorous WLTP and RDE homologation testing


Discuss with you in an open partnership, strategic planning for market penetration

Our ambition goes way beyond providing a state-of-the-art propulsion to the limited edition of the IsoRivolta Vision GT.
The innovative propulsion can be rolled out not only to vehicles but also to maritime, rail transport, aviation or other industrial applications. It is also perfectly possible to use every component of this system separately.


analysed in real time


braking energy recovered


less heavy


no more range anxiety

Let's grow together

We are a team of experts with a variety of expertise in sustainable electrification applications. Based on our decades of experience, we deliver you sharp insights and help you to achieve your goals.

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