Gathering energy, harvesting the future

“We want to stop desertification, and we are actively working to reverse the process” - Giacomo Carcangiu, CEO

Sun following solar panels

Energy gathering




Nothing is wasted

Biofuel production

Desertification, climate change, increasing population

to support more productive, sustainable and ressource-efficient agriculture

Discover the advantages of our photovoltaic system


Panels on high-tech frame 2,5 m above the ground

Soil temperature

Panels with an innovative shape projecting optimized shadow rays cooling down the ground temperature

integrated frame

Panel frame is controlling the rotation and irrigation system


Adaptable to various agriculture purposes


Desalination process powered by renewable energy

sun tracking

The sun tracking solar panel rotates in the direction of the sun maximizing the energy absorption


An eco-friendly solution to the worldwide increasing food demand

zero waste

Biofuel conversion through production excesses

3 steps to explain our competitive edge

1: Impact on the ground

The panels drop a shadow on the ground, cooling the soil temperature and creating an optimal comfort zone for your farming, while the frame assures perfect irrigation

2: usage of energy

The energy gathered is used to desalinate water from the sea and ocean; meanwhile reclaiming the water for crop irrigation without consuming other electricity sources

3: long term results

The benefits are twofold: desert areas can now be succesfully farmed with a variety of crops; through our no-waste process, any excess is harvested and converted to bio fuel

Let's grow together

We are a team of experts with a variety of expertise in sustainable electrification applications. Based on our decades of experience, we deliver you sharp insights and help you to achieve your goals.

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