Spirit is our team's strength

Several patents in photovoltaic and energy flows management; creator of an innovative electric bicycle motor
Giacomo Carcangiu
CEO of Zagato: 100 years of history in top car manufacturing and end-to-end product
Andrea zagato
More than 20 years on the stock market as a trader. Extensive experience as former auditor, tax and financial manager
Alessandro Ugolini
CFO, Project Lead

About us

At GMOTZ we are firmly convinced that people’s intuitions are the solutions to their problems, and dreams are the answers to their fears. 

Our team’s foundation started from a dream: make people’s life better.

Our passion combined with our expertise brought all of us together, aiming towards a more sustainable and bright future for all the generations that will walk on this planet.

We genuinely hope you share our mission, our vision and our emotions.

“We believe in a world where sustainable electrification can change humanity”

Giacomo Carcangiu

“We want to stop desertification, and we are actively working to reverse the process”

Giacomo Carcangiu

We work in close partnership with

Sonia Leva, PhD

Professor of Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic of Milan University, Department of Energy

Contributing member of IEEE for more than 20 years

Published multiple papers on renewable energy

Chair at several international universities

Roberto Faranda, PhD

Professor of Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic of Milan University, Department of Energy
Specialized in electrical distribution systems

Fabio Gennarini, PhD

Former employee of Fabbricazioni Nucleari
R&D expert in new materials and ceramic compounds

And leading companies

Let's grow together

We are a team of experts with a variety of expertise in sustainable electrification applications. Based on our decades of experience, we deliver you sharp insights and help you to achieve your goals.

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